Low Level laser therapy for hair loss: efficacy analysis by MENSCRIPT

The treatment of low-level laser treatment (LLLT) to reduce male hair loss has grown in the last few years in popularity. Manufacturers claim that they can slow the rate of hair loss as well as to improve hair density and thickness after just one or two sessions.

As per MENSCRIPT however, these claims are bit exaggerated. MENSCRIPT provides an Online Health Clinic for Men which allows men to talk with a doctor on the internet and get treated for conditions such Erectile Dysfunction, hair loss wrinkles and acne.

In order to find out whether LLLT was effective against hair loss, they analysed the studies. Based on their findings, LLLT does not appear to be as effective as made out to be. The majority of assertions not being supported by any empirical evidence.

According to them, there is no scientific evidence to support the belief that LLLT stops hair loss. Since LLLT does not have the ability to fight DHT the primary cause of hair loss MENSCRIPT claims that its effectiveness against hair loss is unlikely.

They also discovered the majority of research to have clear connections to the business. The majority of them receive financial assistance from the company who is responsible for selling the product. Doubting their legitimacy.

Beyond study sponsors, MENSCRIPT criticises the current research on two other aspects such as study length, and clinical improvement.

To read more about this analysis and the effectiveness of LLLT to combat hair loss, you can read their complete analysis in their blog: Laser therapy for hair loss