OnePlus Nord 2 a Pretty Much New Device

One needs to know how to buy OnePlus smartphones online before they can reap its benefits fully. One of the most popular features of any smartphone these days is the speed of which it processes data and how much information it stores. Thus, if you do not want to be delayed in your work, check out the above mentioned features in the device. The device ships with OxygenOS 3.0, the latest operating system from Oxygen Mobile and it has the ability to give the users a new dimension in their daily usage. This was the primary reason behind the creation of this device as people do not have enough time to install and use different apps on their mobile phones.

One way of maximizing the efficiency of these oneplus nord 2 phones is by enabling the OxygenOS to customize its settings according to the user’s preferences. Hence, some tweaks would let one customize the settings in order to use the phones in a better way. One of the best things about the OxygenOS 3.0 is its ambient display which lets one customize the colors of the device to match their moods and needs. One also has the option to turn off the icons such as calculator and pulse camera in order to save battery power.

Apart from optimizing the settings on the phone, there are other interesting features like the fast charging, the multi-orientation support and the Oxygen OS 3.0 background image customization. The OxygenOS 3.0 has an array of innovative features like the OxygenOS notification center, the Hybrid Clock and the Oxygen mode which enables one to fully customize the color of their device’s screen. The camera of the device is supported by the multi-orientation gestures and one can set the mode to portrait mode and use the fingerprint scanner for capturing photos or videos. The OxygenOS has an exclusive Gesture UI which enables one to use their fingers to scroll through the menu and launch all the functions of the phone without having to use their hands.

One of the best things about the OxygenOS is that it allows users to make use of their smartphones with full connectivity. There are Bluetooth headsets which are included with the device. One can connect their devices to the headphone jack of their smartphones, Bluetooth headsets or the USB modem which will enable them to browse internet and use the internet services which are offered by their service provider. The OxygenOS also enables users to stream media from their desktop computers and also use their smartphones as a remote control for controlling different smart devices including televisions. One can simply download and install the required applications which are necessary for their smartphones to operate properly.

The OnePlus Nord 2 is powered by a quad core processor with the help of which it can perform tasks efficiently. It comes with a nice built in camera with a resolution of 13 megapixels and also has a good memory which further increases the efficiency of the device. There is a nice LCD screen which helps one enjoy viewing videos and pictures on the OnePlus Nordic 2 effectively.

Apart from this, the device also features a pretty much new operating system which is based on Android Kitkat and has been adapted to allow most of the applications which were present on the Gmail, Google+ and Google Play apps. This OxygenOS also has a unique dual camera which allows one to take great photographs and then share them with their friends by uploading them to their social media pages in Facebook, Instagram and Google+. The OxygenOS comes along with a very impressive notification centre which gives users the facility of making use of all of their icons which are present on the homescreen. This notification centre also enables one to easily change the icons which are present on their homescreens.

Posted by Michael Smith